Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New 2009 Year! No Underwear Party? Granny Panties and Grandpa XXL Briefs Party, Maybe!

It was rumored that a ‘no underwear’ party will be held at remote seaside resort in Johor Bahru, bordering Singapore. A local newspaper reported that those interested in attending the party has to pay RM250. Men will not be allowed to wear briefs and women are required to wear G-Strings, which are required to be taken off after midnight.
However, underwear or no underwear party, the clock is ticking and very soon the countdown will be begin and I will be watching the fireworks displays after midnight.

Ha Ha, Maybe there will be Granny Panties and Grandpa XXL Briefs Party.........see video. Don’t get caught wearing these! Maybe this type of party will be approved by the authorities! LMAO!

Wish you have an Explosive 2009 New Year Celebration!

Singapore Marina Bay Countdown - Behind the Fireworks Display

So, are you all ready to party tonight at Marina Bay? When you enjoy the fireworks display during the countdown to welcome 2009, remember these people in the video, that work hard to bring you all the best show of fireworks!
Watch this video how they prepare the set for tonight show!
Happy 2009 New Year! Wish you all the best! Cheers! Party time!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Benny Hill - The Joggers

Benny Hill the legendary comedian funny show about joggers. One thing for sure, jogging is very addictive. I have been an avid jogger before and I really understand these. Even newly married couple like in this Benny Hill video will have to go jogging everyday! I like the part of the Olympic Torch bearer! See this funny Benny Hill The Joggers video clips. Enjoy yourself!

Jeanette Aw The Little Nyonya Theme Song With Lyrics (小娘惹主题曲+歌词)

Finally, I found this theme song for Jeanette Aw The Little Nyonya Song with Lyrics posted in YouTube by elmo11259. This serial drama by Media Corp TV8 is a hit among Singaporeans. Jeanette Aw acted as Huang Juxiang (黄菊香, a mute and deaf girl) and Yamamoto Yueniang (山本月娘, the daughter of Huang Juxiang) in this show. Nice soothing voice singing the song, with lyrics. Relax and sing along!

Boy Giving Flowers to Girls at A Piano Recital Performance

Cute kids at a piano recital performance. The little boy is suppose to give flowers to them when they finish their performance. Take at look at the little boy funny reaction when one of the girl ignored him! He will never give a girl flowers anymore!

Chubby Kid on a Rollercoaster - Cute and Funny!

Wanna play the rollercoaster? Beware, if you have weak heart. See this funny, happy and crazy video of a chubby kid cute reaction during a rollercoaster ride. I think he panicked and got himself stuck with the seatbelt on his throat! Poor kid!

Funniest Knock Out, KO, Zab Judah vs Kosta Tszyu

This knockout is really funny. Watch how Zab Judah reacted after getting a KO punch from Kosta Tszyu. He lost his balance and moving around in a very funny manner. A good KO punch in boxing!

Cute Fann Wong Diet Commercial

Watch Singapore hottest and cutest star Fann Wong in this cute diet commercial. She looks real pretty and have really slim body. Every girl would dream of having a slim body like hers. Fann Wong is beautiful!

Funny Peugeot 206 Indian Commercial

Peugeot 206 has nice body. Watch this Indian man dreaming of owning a car like this, much to the amusement of his village folks. An ads with good message. cute!

Slimming Down for 2009? Check out this Diet Joke, Enjoy........errrr, see for yourself...

This is a commercial for a diet pill that is popular in the 80s. I don't think with a name like that, it will sell in today's market. See and listen carefully when the man introduce the name of the pill. Very hilarious! Sure to lose weight if you get..........ha ha ha, laughter can make you slimmer!

Thats Your Horoscope For Today, Cute Song

This ia a very cute song about horoscope. Simple and nice animation too. So, what is your horoscope prediction for 2009? Find out from the song in the video. Watch it if you are not supertitious, otherwise just ignore it. Enyoy the song, Thats Your Horoscope For Today!

Countdown at Marina Bay 2008

We will be saying bye bye to 2008 and welcome 2009 very soon. How time flies. Have you come up with your new year resolutions? Any new plan for the new year. Travelling, buying new house, getting married..............whatever it is, lets welcome 2009 with a big bang! The will be great celevration at Marina Bay, Singapore. This is the video from 2008 new year celebration! Wish you all the best!

Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh Funny Clips in Follow The Law Movie

This clip from YouTube showing Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh (a.k.a. Pua Chu Kang) action after they have switched bodies are very funny. Both of them are good actors. I can watch this clip over and over again and LMAO. Love every actions in the show!

Fann Wong And Christopher Lee The Wedding Game Filming Location Interview

Watch Fann Wong and Christopher Lee who are also real life couple being interview at the Singapore National Museum where the filming took place. Clips are from Razor Pop show hosted by May Choon and Poh Wan.
Fann looks sexy and pretty in the off shoulder wedding gown. They are the loveliest and hottest couple now in Singapore. They are cheeky too, clowning around at the set! The release date of The Wedding Game Movie are said to be on the 22nd of January 2009.
In the west or USA we have Brangelina (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) and in Asia or Singapore we have FannChris (Fann Wong and Christopher Lee). Way to go! This is great and exiting event of the year 2009 to look forward to!
How much will they spend on the wedding? I bet it will be the hottest number for 4D or Toto betting when the announcement is made. Ha ha, we Asians just love to gamble!

Cute Kung Fu Baby

This baby is really cute and it looks like he is trying to execute some kung fu moves. Very aggresive but cute little fella. I am sure all the martial artist would run away when they encounter this Kung Fu Baby. Hey, this is new kung fu move, named Babe Kwan Do or Babe Tai Chi. Watch out, 'Everybody love Babe Kung Fu fighting'. Yeeeeeeeahhhhh. Chop chop!

Funny Kung Fu Guys - Bruised Lee!

These Bruce Lee wannabes are really funny. Watch how they try to practice and show off their martial art skills. What a blunder or are these guys comedy actors? Bruce will be laughing and rolling on the floor if he is still alive after watching this funny kung fu video. Don't try it at home, you may get hurt! Ha ha!

Super Mario, Game Over Funny Video

This video was nominated for YouTube best comedy video 2007. Mario is a character from a popular game by Nintendo and was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario, the short plumber guy likes mushrooms and whenever he eats one he will be bigger and stronger.
Watch this cute video about Mario acted by real life people after he married the Princess Peach. Luigi made a guest appearance as well. Real funny and good to watch over and over again, until game over!

Jeanette Aw, The Little Nyonya {小娘惹} Ending Theme Song -保温

This is the ending song of Jeanette Aw, The Little Nyonya 34 series drama by Media Corp TV 8. This show is hot at the moment. Jeanette Aw plays double characters in this movie, Huang Juxiang (黄菊香, a mute and deaf girl) and Yamamoto Yueniang (山本月娘, the daughter of Huang Juxiang). Part of the show were filmed in Penang and Melaka, where most of the Nyonya originated from. Nice soothing voice singing the sentimental song. Too bad I did not have the lyrics.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fann Wong Interview, My Hubby is Funny?

Interview with cute and pretty Fann Wong, now the hottest star in Singapore expected to be married to Christopher Lee next year. Look at the nice diamond ring on her finger, a gift from her lover? Well, which husband is she commenting on Mark Lee (from the movie Ah Long Inc) or Christopher Lee? Already married? Who is funnier?
But, everyone sure love Fann Wong.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Who Says When A Giant Sneezes The Little People Catch Cold? Cute Panda Sneezes

Pandas are cute animals that are almost extinct from earth. They are hard to breed and nature lovers are rushing against time to rescue this loveable creature.
When US sneezes Asian catch cold? One early quiet morning, mama Panda was having her nice juicy tasty breakfast, then suddenly............see what happen! Very cute, must see and funny!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cute and Hilarious Britney Spears Clips

This video is dedicated to all the Britney Spears fans out there. It contain a good collection of cute and hilarious shots of Britney Spears funny moments. She is cute, pretty and hot. It is very interesting to watch all the interesting footage. Enjoy the video with a nice background music.

Bizzare and Weird Ping Pong Match

This guys are good at playing ping pong. The guy in red never gives up although he is already out of the barricade and he can still hit the ball. They are very accurate with their shots. This video teaches us that we should not give up in whatever we do in our life or whatever difficulties we are facing. Never never never give up! At last the guy in the odd position still wins the game. A very motivating and amazing video! Great ping pong match!

Matrix Ping Pong Tournament

This video reminds me of the presentation by one of my college groups during my orientation in the good old days. Very imaginative for them to come up with this type of audience captivating show. Good coordination and entertaining, Matrix Ping Pong Tournament.

Bruce Lee? Playing Ping Pong With Nunchaku, Nokia N96

I don't think so this is the real Bruce Lee but this video is amazing. This guy is using Nunchaku to play ping pong and he beats all his oponent, not with the nunchaku but the game. Nokia N96 appears a the end, again I am not sure wether this is an advertisement or just a ping pong playing footage. Anyway enjoy this really entertaining video.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Invisible Rope Prank

This prank is real funny. Two person pretend that they are pulling invisible rope at a busy walkway. Watch the funny reaction of people trying to walk over the rope. The is no rope but people still react in a funny way to avoid tripping over it, some jumping over it. LMAO, nice song too, Sex Bomb!

Jeanette Aw The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 Theme Song

Jeanette Aw is hot at the moment. She might be the next Fann Wong, in popularity rating, I mean. Listen to the theme song of the movie The Little Nyonya. Enjoy the slow relaxing song and nice pictures of Jeanette Aw. She looks real pretty in the Nyonya dress!

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee (The Wedding Game movie) 文芳铭顺大喜事访谈2 Interview

This is an interview of Singapore latest hot couple, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee (The wedding Game movie). The talk about their relationship and share some light moment. All their fans are excited over this glamourous planned wedding, which is going to be the most and closely watched event next year. Wish this lovely couple all the best in their future undertakings as husband and wife.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Benny Hill - Eyesight Problem

Funnyman, Benny Hill plays a guy with eyesight problem. First he play tennis, then archery and went into the wrong sex toilet. Watch this original jokes by Benny Hill. You will laugh non-stop, expecially when he try to ride the bike! Opps, I am letting out too much information! Enjoy the video!

Benny Hill at The Club

Watch Benny Hill crazy and hilarious acts at a family club house. The little girl in this video is cute! Benny's jokes is always very original and imaginative. I love his show very much. See how he try to impress the ladies at the gym. Ha ha, this is what most guys want to follow!

Jennette Aw Photos Collection - Latest Drama Little Nyonya

This video show a collection of Singaporean popular and pretty actress, Jeanette Aw. She plays the leading role in Media Corp Channel 8 drama, Little Nyonya. She plays "Huang Juxiang" and "Yamamoto Yueniang", in this drama. The show was completed after 4 months of tough screening. Fans just love her fresh cute face! Yay, Jeanette Aw, who might be next Fann Wong!

Funny Petronas Commercial - Tan Hong Ming Love Life

Our own local Petronas oil company commercial. This is one of the best commercial ever produce in Malaysia. It has a sense of humor and cuteness to it. The boy in this ads is a very good actor. A very natural acting by both the boy, Tan Hong Ming and the girl Uni Qazrina. This commercial was produced to celebrate Malaysian 50 years in Independence. Love has no boundries!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Thai Yellow Pages Ads - Business Rivalry

This Thai Yellow pages funny ads show business rivalry among two ladies. Ah, human competative behavior sometime produces funny results. It is a dirty business dog eat dog world out there! Enjoy this funny video!

Good Way to Promote Potato Chips

Ladies, please don't be offended by this post. This is a good way to promote potato chips. Guys, how will your response be if you meet such a lady with boobs so big? Wonder how the public reaction will be if we pull this stunt in our local light rail train station. Probably your will be arrested immediately. Ha Ha!

Funny Japanese Copier Ads

The Japanese girl in this video is cute. Unfortunately she was cought in an awkward situation while trying reach for Mikado. I bet the other guy must be wondering what she was doing. Put some Mikado in your office and see whether your lady collegues will do this or not! Ha Ha!

Why Ice Hockey is not a Sport For Women

Some sport are not made for woman, see this video and you will know why. Really funny, do you want to have a gorgeous girlfriend that plays Ice Hockey, a rough game for tough people? This woman have great looks. Everyman's dream girl. Must be agressive too! LOL!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Login into Facebook? Watch This Facebook Reality Joke - Very Funny

To all the facebook fans out there. It will be scary it facebook service is in real life, reality. Imagine having someone writing on the walls of your house. Opps, I am telling too much already. Watch this video (BBC, The Wall), you will laugh everytime you login to facebook. Have fun, facebooking!

Windows and Microsoft Jokes - Update Now!

Wanna update your windows? Facing problem? Slow software that hangs way too often? Virus problem. See this joke on microsoft. System crash? DOS not working? Send error report? Help answers that are too technical or does not make sense at all? Update your windows now! Although this video is all in words, it is real funny! Ha Ha!

大囍事 THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR (2009) TEASER TRAILER - Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

This is Christopher Lee and Fann Wong The Wedding of The Year Trailer. A must see if you are their fans. Interesting event for the year!

Office Depot Store List of Funny Commercials - Closing?

This office depot store commercial is kinda cute and catchy. A good way to get the message across!

Funny Airline Jokes

This airplane airstewardess norman flight introduction is very funny. Fly cheap and pay for everything! Ha Ha, Bon Voyage!

Vivus Inc, Says Qnexa Obesity Drug Meets Goal in Trial, Lavell Crawford Making Jokes About

Vivus Inc, Qnexa obesity drug really works? Definately not for Levell Crawford.
See this videe, funny and cute Levell Crawford making jokes about his own size.

Hugh Jackman X-Men Origins Wolverine 2009 Trailer Video

Finally, see Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman X-Men Origins Wolverine 2009 Trailer video. Hero, Wolverine is back! Interesting trailer video! Can't wait to see the movie!

Iraqi Journalist Throw His Shoe as President Bush Video

This is the video showing journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi throwing his shoe at US President George W. Bush while he was delivering his speech in Baghdad. The shoe missed the president when he duck to avoid it. I heard the shoe was size 10!

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong

Just this one video posting that is not crazy or funny! This video clip is dedicated to all Fann Wong fans. Christopher Lee and Fann Wong is the latest hot couple in Singapore!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Benny Hill The Deputy Sheriff

Benny Hill is the Deputy Sheriff in a wild wild west town. Everyone wants to be a cowboy! Hiiii Yaaa! Giddy up!

Benny Hill - Kung Fu The Movie

Funny man, Benny Hill playing Kung Fu Master in this hilarious comedy scene. The fish logo on his costume looks like the one from Sushi King, ha ha! Maybe this is Sushi Master, rather than Kung Fu Master! This is really cute and funny. I laugh until my stomach hurts, worse than doing my sit ups routine!

Crazy Christmas Prank

Two guys trying to throw a log into a metal container. It must be Christmas time and they are trying to build a fire to keep warm. Ouch! That hurts!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Benny Hill Classic

I love Benny Hill shows. They are really funny and hilirious. He is a very good comedian. See this clip on Benny Hill in the Hospital. Naughty, naughty! You will laugh non stop until your stomach cramps!

Funny Skunk Prank

Arrrrrgh, Skunk! Run for your life. I don't wanna get sprayed by the smelly skunk! Watch this guy playing a prank on people resting on a park bench. How will you react if you are the victim?

Cute Music Video★[Korean] 원더걸즈-텔미(Wondergirls-tell me)

This is a cute video from a Korean all female group. Pretty cute girls performing a catchy song and entertaining video. Wanna learn to sing Korean songs? Wondergirl -Tell Me!

Funny Japanese Song Impression

These two Japanese guys are real good at song impression. Watch this talented duo, with hilirious result. Very imaginative!

Make Sure You Know Who You Pick Up - Funny Trojan Ads

This condom ads is funny. Guys, make sure you make 'voice check' before you pick up your partner for fun night out. Don't get caught in the same situation like the guy in this video. Who is screwing who? Ha Ha Ha!

Banned Strip Poker Commercial

Zink is suppose to make you feel young again. Watch this hilirious funny adds on zink supplement. So, want to feel young again? Play strip poker or take more supplement? Ha Ha Ha!

Paul Versan Sexy Watches Funny Ads

Wearing watches can make you sexy? See this Paul Versan video. Horny little dog!

How To Turn Crisis To Opportunity

The saying goes, whenever there is a crisis, opportunity will arise. Sometimes when hard times stuck, it does not mean that we will be doomed forever. There are many good entreprenuer that can see opportunities in the time of crisis. With the world economy slowdown and critical financial crisis, opportunity actually arises. Dare to invest in all the down and beaten equities?

Cute Indian Bollywood Style Shampoo Commercial

This is a real cute Indian Shampoo commercial, Bollywood style. Beware, Prince Charming, be grateful to the princess that kissed you when you were a frog. Served him right for treating the princess badly. Cute and pretty Indian Princess. Anyone wants to kiss the frog? Ha Ha!