Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny Accupunture Insurance Ads

This insurance ads using Chinese Ancient Art of Acupunture and fire to send the message across to consumers is very hilarious. Imagine if you are the guy receiving the treatment, and the Chinese Sinseh runs away and left you alone. What are you going to do what happens! A funny one!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee The Wedding Game Latest Regular Trailer

The latest hottest anticipated movie of the year, The Wedding Game, staring Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. Everything is on track for the release this year. Watch this exciting trailer. This is gonna be the hit of the year.
Fann Wong and Christopher Lee sure are a lovely couple. Enjoy The Wedding Game trailer!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guy Plays the Piano With His Balls

This guy is amazing. This guy is cool. Watch what he can do with his balls. He plays the piano with his balls! Ha ha, no dirty thoughts ok!
He really plays the piano so well with his balls.......ouch, just joking. LOL!
Enjoy the music from his balls!

Zhang Ziyi In A Credit Card Commercial

This commercial appears in the TV quite sometime ago. However this Kung Fu moves by cute actress, Zhang Ziyi is worth watching again and again. International Chinese actress was caught by the lens of a cameramen when she was sunbathing in St. Barts island in the The Caribbeans.
Enjoy this interesting and thrilling commercial, staring beautiful Zhang Ziyi.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baba And Nyonya Series

With the current hot tv serial, The Little Nyonya by Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8 staring Jeanette Aw, many people are searching the web for information about Baba and Nyonya culture, food, clothings and manny more.
This show reminds me of a comedy series Baba and Nyonya that was shown on TV many years back. The main actors Kenny Chan and Chee Hood Siong are actually men dressing up as Nyonya (Chinese Straits Born Ladies. Baba are actually Straits born Chinese man. These people are early immigrants from China and the have settle down in either Singapore, Malacca and Penang. They have also adopt the local culture.
Let's watch the funny show by both Kenny Chan and Chee Hood Siong in Baba and Nyonya series! Enjoy yourself!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cute Puppy Runs in Sleep - Funny!

This puppy must be having nice dream, probably dreaming about running around the yard chasing something. He is running in his sleep. This video is cute. Watch the action of the sleeping puppy! Funny one!

Funny Banned Panties Commercial, In the Lift!

This commercial was suppose to have been banned. However, it is a very funny commercial about wearing good panties. Beware don't get cought in the same situation as the other ladies in the lift. See what happen! Anyone know the brand of the panties? LOL

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Funny Moments

It is not easy being famous and powerful, giving speech all the time. These are some blunders and funny moments of world famous VIP, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.
When you have to give a speech and have butterfly in the stomach, remember this video. Even great leaders are not perfect and make mistake or funny speech. We are all human!

Funny Japanese Ryoko Hirosue's Nissin UFO Instant Noodle Commercial

Pretty and beautiful Ryoko Hirosue is hot at the moment. She was reported to star in the new movie, "Goemon", and she will bare all in one of the scene in bed. She is really kawaii (cute in Japanese). Watch this upcoming star in this funny instant noodle, Nissin UFO commercial.

Ryoko Hirosue Will Go Naked in Her New Film?

It was reported in the news that Japanese beauty Ryoko Hirosue, from the fame series 'Beach Boys' will bare all for her new upcoming movie, Goemon. In this movie directed by Kazuaki Kiriya (popular singer Hikaru Utada's husband), Ryoko will go naked for a shower scene and have an intimate bedroom scene with a male leading star.
Want to know how pretty is she? Watch Ryoko Hirosue in this cute icecream commercial!

Japanese Super Fast Mochi Making Masters

These three masters are very good in making Japanese delicacies, Mochi. Mochi can be wrap with icecream and are nice to eat. These masters are very fast with their hands. They are awesome! I wonder how long they take to practise mochi making techniques. I wonder if the guys ever got pounded in the hands! Hope not!

Fiona Xie Funny Ads Video

Fiona Xie is hot. She is cute, softspoken and pretty. She is an upcoming Singaporean celebrity. Watch this cute ads of her. Enjoy it if you are a fan of Fiona.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jason Statham, Francois Berleand and Robert Knepper,Transporter 3 Trailer

Transporter 3 is back. This show stars Jason Statham, Francois Berleand and Robert Knepper. Valentina, the daugher of the EPA has been kidnapped and Frank Martin has been forced to transporting her. The show has nice and sleek martial arts action. See this interesting trailer!

Nice Bruce Lee Fighting Clips with Awesome Song and Music

Bruce Lee the legendary martial artist and great fighter is featured in this video. The song rocks and so does the late Master Sifu Bruce. Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do is one of the greatest martial ever created. Sit back and enjoy all the JKD lethal moves and kick!

Funny Beer Ads, Wardrobe Malfunction

Another wardrobe malfunction? Watch what happen when some one tried to have a drink of a tasty cool light beer! Just like the famous Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake wardrobe malfunction incidents of the century!

Chimpanzee, The Kung Fu Master

Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting.................the popular song goes.......even a monkey can become a good kung fu fighter. This Chimpanzee is very good at kung fu kicks. Watch him showing off a few types of kung fu kick. He is cute! Beware of Sifu Chimp!

Spooky Funny Car Stereo Player Commercial

An undertaker flirting with a pretty girl at a traffic light junction. The cute girl found him to be a nuisance. Watch what happen next! A little bit spooky!

Interview with Taiwan Boyband Energy

Latest hot boyband from Taiwan, Energy being interviewed, in this video. This band consist of member Kunda, Ah-di, Shuwei and Xiaogang. They recently launch a book titled "Alternative Life", authored by four of them plus 13 people from their show. Check out one of their interview in this video!

Happy Chinese New Year Song 新年万万岁 Astro 新秀

Watch and listen to this hot and nice song for 2009 Chinese New Year. Wishing you a Properous and Happy Chinese New Year! This song and video rocks!

颜莞倩 林沁琁 朱浩仁 Danny许佳麟 张梦秦 Chinese New Year Song!

Full Doreamon Song With Lyrics, Sing Along!

Doreamon Song LYRICSkonna koto ii na
dekitara ii na
anna yume konna yume ippai aru kedo

minna minna minna
kanaete kureru
fushigina POKKE de kanaete kureru
sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na

(hai! takkekoputaa!)

tottemo daisuki

shukudai touban shiken ni otsukai
anna koto konna koto taihen dakedo

minna minna minna
tasukete kureru
benrina dougu de tasukete kureru
omocha no heitai da

(sore! tototsugeki!)

tottemo daisuki

anna toko ii na
iketara ii na
kono kuni ano shima takusan aru kedo

minna minna minna
ikasete kureru
mirai no kikai de kanaete kureru
sekai ryokou ni ikitai na

(ufufufu… doko demo DOA!)

tottemo daisuki

tottemo daisuki

Enjoy the song and sing along!

Full Original Song

Year of the Ox 2009 Feng Shui by Master Yeo

Have you check your horoscope and Fung Shui reading for year 2009? Master Yeo talk about his reading for year of the ox, 2009. Mooo, Mooooo is coming, ha ha! Hope the share market turn bullish!
Are we expecting a slow bearish economy next year? Planning to get married, start a new business, move house, .......? How to get things moving for you? Wanna strike toto, lottery or 4D? (but remember to share you winning with me lar!) LOL.
Get ready for the Chinese New Year do's and don't, after checking out these video.

Part 1

Part 2

Funny Paul Frank, Julius and Friends New House Fung Shui

This Paul Frank, Julius and Friends cartoon takes a cute and funny look at The Ancient Chinese Art of Decoration, Fung Shui. At last, it ended with disastrous result. Watch all their cute acts and funny moments. Have you check out your Fung Shui for this year? LOL!

Fung Shui Explained Using Cartoons - Easy to Understand

So, what is your Fung Shui prediction and readings for this year?
The Chinese and those who believe in Fung Shui will be busy checking out the Fung Shui factor and effects for year 2009, since Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The are of Fung Shui has been practiced in China and many parts of the world for centuries. It applies to businesses, house location, calender dates, matrimonial and many more.
The Chinese art of Fung Shui might sound complicated to some. This video explain Fung Shui using cartoons. It is easy to understand and contain cute pictures!

Funny Man Benny Hill At the Disco

Another of Benny Hill, the legendary comedian classic. Benny, the henpecked husband, a good disco dancer. Very imaginative and hilarious too. As usual, his show are full of pretty and sexy ladies. Have fun!

Funny Sexy Thong Panties Prank

A woman with a cake asking for a the story goes. This prank if real funny. Look at the reaction from the guys and their girlfriends when one accidentally notice sexy thongs panties on a pretty young girl. Unfortunately the video is a bit blur, so you can't see clearly the reaction on the faces of the victims of the prank. What will you do if you are one of the guys? Don't get caught!

The Little Nyonya 《小娘惹》Ending Episode?

Due to the overun in filming the original 30 episodes of The Litte Nyonya, it has been extended to 34 episodes. The show staring Jeanette Aw, has a great following in Singapore and it is shown on Mediacorp Channel 8. This is the clip from the supposely ending episode 30 of the show. Check it out what happen.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Funny Jennifer Aniston Beer Commercial

Jennifer Aniston caused the latest hoo hah, when was reported to have appeared naked in the GQ magazine. The 40 year old star of TV sitcom 'Friends' is to have said that she feels comfortable today than in her early twenties! Well, yay to pretty and sexy Jennifer Aniston! She is a lovely lady! This is a funny beer commercial (Heineken)that stars Jennifer. She is cute!

Funny Love Song From Chinese Movie The Shooting Eagle Arrow in English

This is actually not a direct translation but rather a phonetic translation from Chinese to English. The movie name is Shooting Eagle Arrow. Well, the result, is a very funny song lyrics. The video clip is cute as well but I have not seen the actual movie. Listen carefully to the lyrics. They are very hilarious.

Wong Lee Hom With Jolin Tsai?

Both superstars singers Jolin Tsai and Wong Lee Hom were filmed having an intimate moment at the snooker table, Yahoo reported. Actually they are filming a shampoo ads and it is suppose to be a romantic flirting scene. Mmmmmmm, I thought they were really dating when I read the headlines. Anyway here is a video of Wong Lee Hom standing in between Jolin and Jay Chou during one of the music award presentation.

Happy Chinese New Year 2009, New Year Song

Chinese New Year 2009 is around the corner. The year of the Ox is fast approaching. Hope the stock market be bullish also after a lousy 2008 performance.
Enjoy this nice Chinese New Year Song, sang by a few cute gals in Mandarin.
Happy Chinese New Year 2009! Properity always and enjoy all the good food during family reunion! Cheers!

CPDRC Inmates of Cebu Provincial Dancing to Michael Jackson Thriller Song

About 1500 inmates from CPDRC Cebu put up a good dance routine from Michael Jackson Thriller video. They are very good at it and all of them synchronized well to the music and dance sequence. They are wearing all red uniform too, same colour as MJ in the original thriller video. Very good show indeed!

Indian Michael Jackson Thriller - Bollywood Style

I bet Michael Jackson would laugh if he sees this video. This Indian Thriller is really funny and hilarious. They did a good job on the English lyric, very cute and funny lyrics. The guy in the video do look a bit like MJ in the real Thriller video. The Indian girl is cute too! Sit back and enjoy this video!