Friday, July 24, 2009

Benny Hill 'Saves' a Pretty Lady

Funny man Benny Hill is at it again, disturbing pretty ladies. He saves the lady by helping her to come down from the tree. Then he is suppose to give his coat to her.....see what did Benny Hill do otherwise!

Light Moment with Benny Hill Car Chase

This video show some light moments when Benny Hill stole a car. As usual he is chased by ladies and men all round the places. The little girl in the video is cute. Sit back and enjoy some light moments with Benny! Cheers!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Funny Singapore Singlish Conversation

This Singaporean Singlish conversation is very funny and cute. I couldn't control my laughter when the auntie says 'coke' using Singlish! Wanna throw a party? Call the catering auntie! ha ha ha! LOL!

Police Officer Toilet Pranks

Wow, this is a real funny prank. Imagine if you are the victim and the police officer wants to arrest you for driving a police official car. What will you do? Try to explain to the officer what actually happened? Do you think they will believe you?
Ha Ha ha, see the video and laugh at the victims reactions!

Bird Flu On Sesame Street - Big Bird and Elmo

Bird flu and swine flu has infected many people in the world. They are spreading very fast. This video take a humorous look at the flu pandemic. See it with an open mind, relax and enjoy the joke.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Funny Wedding Bloopers Videos Collection

This wedding bloopers collections are just great and funny. The kids are cute so are the bridemaids. I like the part when the bridemaids beat the crap out on one of the guys. Watch it, very funny!

Naruto the Martial Art Kid Sings The Happy Song

Naruto, is one of the hottest Japanese cartoon nowadays. Kids everywhere are watching it. The cartoon graphics itself is actually not attractive but the story line and 'concept' of martial art is quite good. Enjoy the happy, funny and crazy song by Naruto!

Mark Lee Delivers a Kiss From Fann Wong To Chris

Funnyman Mark Lee take the opportunity to deliver a kiss from Fann to Chris at the Star awards. Mark is a good actor and like to joke around even when not in fliming. Anyway, everyone knows now that Fann is with Chris as a happy couple.....or Singapore hottest and most watched couple. Happy married live and lots of children to Fann and Chris.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More of Sexy Rachel Kum Pictures - Suggestive ?

This is another video collection of sexy and beautiful Singaporean beauty queen , Rachael Kum. She bacame the sudden talk of town after her suggestive photos was published in the net. Well, I don't think she has done anything wrong and she deserve to keep her crown. See how flawless her complexion and features are!

Chim Pan News Channel Interviewing Charming Ryoko Hirosue

This is a real cute chimpanzee and he is very good at acting. Watch him interviewing Japan charming actress Ryoko Hiruse who sparked an internet search frenzy when she decided to go naked in a bathroom scene.
Anyway, she is a cute lady and how lucky the Chimpanzee is! Some more got to Ryoko! Eat your heart out, guys! ha ha ha, LOL!

Miss Singapore Suggestive Photos In The Net

Miss Singapore Rachael Kum, 25, was crowned Miss Singapore and two subsidiary titles –The Most Body Beautiful and Miss Personality. There were calls to strip her title after suggestive photos taken during her private party were found in the net.
Well, when you are famous, everyone gets jealous easily and try to bring you down. What is wrong with the pictures? Why can't a beauty queen have a private party? This is her private life and got nothing to do with her title.
This is Rachael Kum photo collection video (not suggestive but nice). She is beautiful and sexy!