Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cute Evian Babies Dancing to Michael Jackson Billie Jean

These computer graphics are really good. The person or team that created this wonderful video of cute babies dancing to Michael Jackson Billie Jean tune is very creative. My family couldn't help but we watched it over and over again because they are so cute. The last part of the baby doing the moonwalk is the best!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Misread Susmita Sen Dilbar Dilbar Song

No pun intended against Bollywood films but I found the misread version of sexy and pretty Susmita Sen Dilbar Dilbar, cute and funny. Susmita Sen is one of my favourite Bollywood actress. She is gorgeous lady.
The misread lyrics are very funny and it almost match the vocal. The person who edited this video is a real PRO and immaginative! Watch it with an open mind......ha ha ha!

Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Na Ho) by Shah Rukh Khan with English Subtitles

The recent news about Shah Rukh Khan who was detained by US Airport immigration had some fans and people around the world question the US immigration procedure.
Anyway, this was a very unfortunate event for the superstar.
This is rendition of the original Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Na Ho) song by Shah Rukh Khan.
Lots of cute bollywood actress in this film and of course the main attraction if of course Mr. Shan Rukh Khan!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cute and Funny Godzilla Thai Gas Commercial

I just love these imaginative Thai Commercials. Pay attention to Godzilla's expression. He is really very cute. Thai people are great and have a good sense of humor. I like the part when Godzilla's fire got put out by the little girl. His reaction is so funny. Hey, where is Ultraman?......we need your help! Heeellllllppppppp! Godzilla is attacking!

Funny Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs and Goat Video Collections, Monkey and Kangaroo too!

This is one of the funniest video on animals I ever seen. The goat is indeed very fierce and has strong horns. I love the part of the clapping poodle. He or maybe a she is very cute. Sometimes it is good to have pets around the house. It adds more colours to our home.

Very Funny and Hilarious Animated Gifs Video

Ha ha ha, I just can't stop laughing after watching this video. The guy that put all these up is real good. I love the final 'Matrix' part!....and yah!, also the 'big pigeon' pranks. The sign says 'Due to overcrowding, the pigeon can be aggresive'. Well, they are damm right! It is just hilarious! ha ha ha!

Funny Cats, Hot Music

This post is for all the animal lovers out there. The producer of this video is very imaginative and the action synchronise well with the hot music. I really love the 'Kung Fu' Cat! Hiiiiyaaaaaa, meeeeeooooooowwwwwww!

Funny and Sexy Prank in Train Bunkers

This is a rather naughty prank to play on someone. This sexy lady was trying to climb up to the top a double decker bed inside a train. Well, men will be men, their reaction was expected. Luckily the old guy did not get a heart attack! Guys, ever wonder how your reaction or 'erection' would be if you were the victim of the prank? Ha ha ha!

Funny Laughing Baby

My little toddler loves this video very much. He will mimic this baby laughing whenever I show him this video. The second baby is real cute too. This is what we call ROLF, ha ha ha!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Danish Bacon Ads - Breakdancing Breakfast Transformer

The transformer fever is in town. After the recent Transformer movie release, everyone is talking about it!
Well, this if a different kind of transformer. Bacon doing breakdance during breakfast! ha ha ha! This Danish bacon is Cute! Love the two tomatoes! LOL!

Funny Hahn Beer Commercial - Beer Raiders!

So, beer and women, which is more addictive? We normally see beer commercial with beautiful women in it and this is one of them. But this commercial has added a new twist to the common beer ads you see.
See what happened when this lady with beautiful sexy body ordered a Hahn Beer!

Funny Thai Lizard Building Material Commercial

I never seen a commercial featuring lizards! However, this funny Thai building material has very good graphics and funny lizards in it. I love Thai commercial. They are very imaginative and bone tickling good!
The lizard looks real! ha ha ha!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Jackson Beat It Misheard Lyrics, Funny!

This is a funny and imaginative video of the late Michael Jackson, Beat It, misheard lyrics. MJ Beat It was in the top of the chart for many weeks during the 80s. This song is a great piece of work. It will always be the in thing. Sadly, the king of pop has already passed away and like many fans out there, I can't still believe that MJ is gone!
This funny video also has Bruce Lee appearing in one of the scene. I am a fan of both Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson. Sit back and enjoy this video. I know the king of pop would want his fans to continue playing his music eternally!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moose Sings The Blues with Old Skip James Background Music

This animated moose is quite cute and he sings da blues in style. I think I never seen a moose with such a thick lips before but the this is what makes him look cute!
Sit back and enjoy the singing.....then see what happen at the end!
Stop moose hunting and save the earth! Heal the world, Bro!

This Ain Lonely Singaporean Widow Surfing the Web for a One Night Stand, Moose Widow Instead

Well, it was reported in The Star today (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/8/1/nation/4433190&sec=nation) that a lonely Singaporean widow is surfing the net for a one night stand with eligible men. She even insist that the man must practice safe sex by wearing condom.
The internet is sure a useful global tool that can be fully utilised to your needs indeed! It was not known whether this 27 year old lady has found the men to accompany her during the weekends but I guess now with the news spreading like wild fires, she might have abandoned her original plans.
Well, I don't have any information about this lonely Singaporean widow but here is a funny video prank about a moose widow. Don't go searching for trouble or trying to find out who she is! Hope you enjoy a good weekend with your family!