Friday, July 30, 2010

Jackie Chan Prank Call by Funnyman Wasabi Lee

If I am the customer service officer receiving this call; claiming some of the employees called him "Jackie Chan", I would laugh like hell too! This would be a tough customer complain to handle. This prankster, Wasabi Lee is very funny but he couldn't help laughing too! Good one! LOL!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funny Bank Robber wearing a Panty Hose Pranks

This guy is lucky or not injured for playing this type of prank on people. Imagine someone wearing a Panty hose over his head enter your shop. Your first thought would be that he is a bank robber! Luckilly he is not in Malaysia......every goldsmith shop and banks have armed guards! Everyone have robbers phobia these days!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Super Angry Old Lady Crossing the Road

This old lady was trying to cross the road and a Mercedes stopped suddenly to let her cross. However, she felt asleep................See what happened after that! That is one strong old lady! LOL!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Funny Japanese Man Shouting At People on the Streets

This crazy and funny looking guy in glasses goes around shouting loudly at people on the street. Look at their funny reaction. I hope none of his victims get a heart attack. Luckilly his victim didn't accidentally punch him on the face! LOL!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Worldcup Soccer After Effect on Pretty Ladies

Wow, imagine if you are the guy in this video. But then this town is full of pretty ladies.....oh, so unfortunate!
This is what would happen to all the ladies after World Cup.....see until the end to know.....ha ha ha

Cool and Funny Latest Ringtone - Japanese Ads

I love this cool and latest ringtone. I want to install it in my handphone too. This is funny man! Look and this funny Japanese in the elevator(lift) ads. What will you do if you are in there as well? ha ha ha!

Funny Thai ProVita Sexy Ads - Tak Boleh Pakai Punya Boyfriend!

Wow, talk about jealousy......what would happen if your boyfriend do this to you? First he was next to you and within seconds he was gone to another sexy woman? This Thai ads is really cute! LOL!

Irresistible Sexy Ladies Eating Banana Prank

Guys, imagine what would you do if you encountered this sexy and scantily dressed lady eating a banana on a park bench in a way like doing a 'BJ'? Most guys would get distracted and some 'hamsap'(horny) ones would try to pick her up! Boy, these guys are going to get into trouble with their girlfriend or wifes if they see them on TV....ha ha ha!

Sexy Wolf Whistle Pranks on Construction Workers - It's Get Back Time

Ladies would love this video. I think most ladies have been victims of sexist comments and wolf whistled by contruction workers. Well, it is payback time. This pretty and young lady got his man friend to dress up as a sexy girl. See what happens when 'he' encountered a group of constructions workers.....ha ha ha!