Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Energetic Grandma Dance Like Michael Jackson in China Got Talent Show

This is probably the hottest grandma around. Watch her dance energetically to Michael Jackson songs at China got talent contest. At age 65, she is a true fan of Michael Jackson, even naming her own grandson after the King of Pop!
She is always smilling, so no wonder she don't looked old at her age.
See this inspiring You tube video! Way to go, grandma!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Naughty Kids Prank Gorgeous Topless Blond Neighbour

Naughty naughty kids! They are enjoying a nice view of their topless sexy blond neighbour sunbathing in the garden, topless...LOL!
They brought along some snacks to enjoy the 'show' as well!

Kids Pinata Prank

I am posting this video because the kids are so cute and everyone loves pinata for birthday party.
Knock knock knock....lol!

enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survey - HK and Singapore Bosses Most Demanding, Pranks to play on your nasty boss

I read in the news that a survey was carried out and they found that Hong Kong & Singapore bosses are the most demanding. Looks like what I heard unofficially from my friends are true enough! LOL
There were loads of comment on the news article, mainly on complains about their bosses! It made bosses looked like the most disorganised and bad people! ha ha ha
Look at this you tube video on a prank someone played on his fat boss......he he he!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japanese Sniper Prank You Tube Video

These Japanese have such a good sense of humor. The victim of this sniper prank thought he is going to die! Poor guy, must have scared the hell out of him!
Bom Bom Bom......someone is shooting at us! Run for cover....sounds like in some Yakuza action flick....lol!

Maggie Q in Lopez Tonight Show - She is so Funny

How to describe Maggie Q? She is sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, cute, funny and hot! Watch her interview in talk show, Lopez tonight.
Will she kick Bruce Willis ass?....ha ha ha!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny and Sexy Air Stewardess Changing Clothes in Train Prank

One quiet morning in the commuter train, suddenly a young pretty lady started to make up and take off her dress. Then she started shaving her sexy legs in public.....wanna know more how is the train passenger's reaction is like? Check out this youtube video featuring the Air Stewardess that changes clothes in public train! LOL!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dead Alien Discovered in Siberia! Dead, Bread or Fake?

Is this a hoax. First someone got nailed to a cross like Christ, discovery of habitable planet Gliese, doomsday prediction and now a discovery of dead alien in a small village, Kamensk, Siberia, Russia. A website, RT reported that the discovery is a fake. The supposely alien is made from chicken skin and bread! Dead, Fake or Bread? ha ha ha
Hey is it Paul?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty Woman drops panties prank - When a woman turns out to be a........see video!

Poor good samaritan. They are trying to return the panties that the pretty lady drop but then they got a shock of their life!
See this funny prank on you tube video below!

Departmental Store Stolen Clothes Prank

Poor victim, they are unaware that they have became an accomplice of a lady thief that just stole some clothes at a mall.
Then came the security guard! What are you gonna do if you are the victim!

See this youtube video!

Funny Sexy DIY 'Handygirl' Ads

This video is not that funny but it invoke my curiousity what would actually happened at the end. Another interesting this is, any guys would love to look at this sexy well endowed lady loading hardwares on to her truck. Mmmmm, is this what you call a DIY 'handygirl'? Check out this youtube video!

Funny Singapore 4D Song - Jack Neo

Many people bet on 4D numbers all their life and they never won a cent. Some lucky ones become richer but more actually become poorer. Are you a 4D addict. Got kena first prize or not or just kena 'beh sai'! ha ha ha
See this nice and cute 4D song from Jack Neo

Funny Police Horse Prank

Mmmm, don't know what to say. I know many of you would like to do this to nasty and corrupted cops.

So, next time if they ask you for help......use all the strength that you have! ha ha ha! See this you tube video and you will know what I meant.

Funny Royal Guard - He must be laughing his ass off!

This royal guard is real cheeky. Poor girls who wanted to take photo with him. They got a shock and ran away. See this you tube video about this crazy guard!

How to Draw Cute Dinosaur - Take a break from work and stressful life

Yake a break from work and stressfull life! Draw some cute dinosaur. Paste it on the wall at your office. Good way to relief stress! LOL!

See this you tube video step by step guide on how to draw cute dinosour!

Sexy girl skirt got caught on passerby pants prank

This is a very funny prank. The sexy girl wearing black skirt purposely hooked her skirt to unsuspecting passer by. Then as they walked on, her skirt drops off, showing her sexy white panties and the black skirt stuck on to the passer by. Then she blames them for taking off her skirt! he he he, naughty naughty.......one guy ran away with the skirt! ha ha ha!

Funny Russian Sexy Restaurant Waitress in Panties Prank

Many restaurant owner would want to hire this sexy waitress! Her skirt got caught on the table and drop off showing her sexy white panties & stokings. Well, look at the funny patrons reaction! They are really funny!

Sexy Russian Twins Girl in Bikini Prank

I rarely come across Russian pranks show. This rather simple prank of a Russian sexy twin lady in bikini hiding in a big bag sure got some of the victims in tight situation. How did the fully dressed girl ended up in the bag and also in sexy bikini?
Those who are curious would open the bag....with caution of course! Some ran away! ha ha ha!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny Dinosour and Pig Fart Animation

I fart you fart, now is your turn 'piggy'. Hey, piggy is strong! Little piggy can kill a Tyranosaurous with his fart! ha ha ha!

Monday, May 16, 2011

What is Planking? This is planking! What Say You?

I read in the headlines that Planking claimed a life in Autralia. What is planking? Planking is a latest craze which involves one laying on his stomach at unusual location. The location chosen are normally dangerous. Some plank on billboards, railway tracks, on a busy road, ........the list goes on! Anyone want to plank on a toilet bowl full of shit? ha ha ha!
See this you tube video of some buy planking on a train station barrier! What say you?

Tin Pei Ling, MP for Marine Parade - Video Gone Viral in the Net

The internet is going abuzz over NYF Be Engaged Video 2008, featuring then 24 years old petite MP for Marine Parade, Tin Pei Ling in yellow spaghetti top. Looks like young politicians are taking over the limelight from old politicians. Move aside Old Politicians, Young and Sassy MP is in! LOL!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sleek & cool with a white iPhone 4! - Funny and Must have Iphone Aps

Be one of the cool ones by getting this amazing iPhone 4, in white! Yeah, we know, finally it has arrived.

Be sure to match the right plan to your needs in order to fully utilise your sleek white cool iPhone 4.

Get your friends on board. Check it out at  New iPhone4

See this Youtube 7 Crazy, Funny and Must have iphone Apps video!

Gale Force - Hot, Busty Weather - Pippa Hinchley

If you are looking for Pippa topless photos, you are at the wrong site. Sorry lah! (Malaysian English).
But I do have this sexy weather forecast by Pippa Hinchley about Gale force hitting the West coast of USA. Her voice and action is really sexy!
Hot and busty weather ahead! LOL!
I wish my boring local television channel would have this kind of sexy and interesting weather forecast!

Pippa Topless Photos Surfaced - Funny Royal Guard Gag

While the royal newlywed couple Prince William and Kate Middleton are on their honeymoon in an undisclosed location, Kate's sister is in the news after topless photos of her surfaced. It ain easy being famous! Crazy paparazzi kept on hunting you down. Poor Pippa! The lousy friends that leaked the photos are a terrible lot. Hope they will not pose her photos online or in any news portal.
Sorry, no Pippa topless photo here but only this funny royal guard gag! LOL!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stephanie Sun Weds Long Time Boyfriend! - Funny Clip from Super Sunday Show

Super talented Singaporean singer, Stephanie Sun tied the know with long time Indonesian born Dutch boyfriend, Nadim recently. Hope she will still continue churning out good songs after her wedding. Congrats to the bride and bridegroom!
See the you tube video below, Stephanie on Super Sunday Show. Real Funny!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Singapore GE Returning Officer Internet Star, Yam Ah Mee Disco Youtube Video

Singapore General Election 2011 may be over but this returning officer, Mr Yam Ah Mee shot to stardom in the internet because he is the most heard person during the anouncement of election result. He is known to announce the result in a robot like tone and manner. But in the cyberspace, his popularity is gaining momentum real fast. Check out this youtube video that featured his announcement with some background disco music! LOL!

Maybe they will come out with Mr Yam Ah Mee ringtone soon! ha ha ha

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Toxic Chemical Spray Pranks

Luckilly this guy didn't play the prank in our country....he might got himself beaten up instead! LOL!

Gosh, what are you going to do if someone sprayed you with toxic xxx liquid?

Run to the nearest water source to clean it of course!