Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Funny BMW Commercial

Yoo huu, my dream car. Sexy woman too. Watch this funny BMW 3 Series Convertible ads.

Funny Duck Revenge

This Woodpecker ads shows three wild ducks taking revenge on three hunters. Way to go............ha ha ha......

Funny Rejoice Shampoo Commercial

This is a funny Rejoice Shampoo commercial. Be careful if your girlfriend is using the same shampoo. You might end up like the guy in this video. LOL

Funny Pepsi Ads - Shaolin Kung Fu Boy!

Watch this entertaining and funny Pepsi Shaolin Kung Fu commercial. Very imaginative!

Funny Golf Commercial - At the Driving Range

Follow the swing to hit the 300 yrds mark!

Funny Golf Commecial - Cute short skirt player

Why so quiet when she hole the ball? Watch the video to find out!

Cute Baby Breakdancing!

This baby is great. See his move! Like a pro! Announcing the best baby breakdancer in the world.........

Funny Kiddies Photos Collection

Sit back and enjoy the clips to the music of Pink Panther!

Funny Thai Chiclets Chewing Gum Sticks Commercial

Good idea. Don't have to spend money on weight loss machine. Watch this Chiclets Chewing Gum Sticks Ads. Really funny!

Funny Thai Energy Drink Ads

Watch this Thai Energy Drink ads with a funny twist! Dog Power or drink power? Ha Ha!

Funny Black Thai Whisky Commercial

If you do that to your wife, you are going to get killed! Don't drink alcholic drink! Bad for your relationship!

Special effect or real?

Don't try this at home. You may burn your pants!

Funny Bones Ghost Biker

Naughty pranks by Funny Bones Ghost Rider. What are you going to do if you meet this funny bones skeleton biker? Even a drunkard runs away! Please call Scooby Doo for help! Ha Ha Ha, ROFL

Funny Ghost Actor

Funny ghost actor......opps wrong step!

Funny Child Ghost

What would be your reaction if this were to happen to you. I will follow you, follow you to where ever you may go.........ha ha ha!

Talking Bird - Thailand Hill Mynah

This video is submitted by yours truly. Found this cute little Hill Mynah Bird speaking Thai at Donsao, Laos just across Thailand border. Watch till the end to hear it laugh.

Cute Elephants Playing Football At Maesa Camp, Chiangrai, Thailand

This video is submitted by yours truly. Cute elephants playing football in Maesa Camp, Chiang Rai, Thailand. They are really amazing!

Chaotic Traffic in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) City

This video is from yours truly. Chaotic traffic in Ho Chi Minh City but I did not witness any accident at all. These people are good in handling their vehicle. If you want to cross the road, just walk, they will avoid you! Ha Ha

Funny and Amazing Animation - Animation Vs Animator II

This is cute and funny! Makes great screen saver, Animation Vs Animator!

Funny Magic Tricks By Barry And Stuart

Watch this entertaining magic performance by Barry and Stuart. Sit back and relax!

Skirt Got Caught in Car Door Pranks

Hey, help the lady. Don't just look!

Sexy Lady Drop Skirt at Park

Wooooo, this his hot prank. Make sure your wife don't catch you gawking at the sexy lady without skirt!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Indian Bolly Desi Style

Watch this cute grandma singing twinkle twinkle little star. She has good voice! Must watch, very entertaining! Ha ha ha, LOL

Funny Bollywood Ads - Newly Wed First Night.....wooo hot!

Woooo,, hot and funny newly weds first night. Ha Ha hA!

No Smoking Please At Public Places by Indian AAJ Tak

Inconsiderate young man smoking in public places. Good old man told him off! We need more of good and brave people like this old man on the street. Please do not smoke in public places. We don't want to inhale secondary smoke.

Award Winning Indian Aaj Tak New Channel Ads

These buggers always take advantage of woman alone riding the commuters. They should belong in the jail and banished forever! Serve those bullies right. Brave old man!

Abhishek Bachan Motorola MotoRokr Ads

Bollowood heartrob actor, Abhishek Bachan in this funny ads that gives the movie producer a headache!

Car Park Space Dispute - Coffee Ads

Serve the lady right for robbing one's parking space.

Viagra Commercial

Better don't try this at home. Once broken cannot be replaced. Beware of the blue pills. Ha Ha!

Funny Thai Tomyam Noodles Ads

Everyone loves Thai Tomyam Soup. Yummy Tomyam noodles....ha ha, tricks backfired!

Funny Thai Ricoh Ads

An office board meeting.......suppose to be boring? Boring corporate board meeting? See video.....

Domestic Thriller - Amusing Thai Ads

A good way to get the message across to consumers. Better pay your water and electricity bills on time or you may end up like the couple! Watch Domestic Thriller video.........ooooooooooo

Ebay Song

Sit back and relax. Enjoy this Ebay song by Weird Al Yankovic

3 Years Old at Preschool Graduation

Watch these cute kids at Preschool graduation day. Very energetic show. Most of us were once like him too.........LOL

Kids Acting Funny - Cute!

Cute compilation of kids acting funny. Must watch. Have a good day! Cheers!

Funny Ads Collections, Pepsi, Japp, Mc D, Panasonic, Bud Light, Axe, John West

Ha Ha ha, watch these commercials and LOL!

Sexy and Funny Bubblicious Bubblegum Ads

Cute gurl!

Outrageously Funny Commercials - At The Spa, House Husband (Get in shape), Cheering and Sunbathing Pranks

This is a collections of four really funny and hilarious commercials! Have Fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Funny and Cute Cats in Action

A compilation of cute and funny cats' action!

Funny Sexy Thai Lady in Low Fat Tuna Ads Video

Sexy Thai lady walking into lift in this funny Low fat tuna ads.

Funny Baby Stunts

These babies are cute!

Funny Ads By Tulipan

Check out this funny ads by Tulipan Condom about a dad trying to make his son grow up 'manly'.

Funny Zazoo 'Rubber' Ads - Beware of Children!

Be protected, use 'rubber' (condom). Better be save than never! Beware of children.....ha ha!

Funny and Cute Caltex Granny Ads

Check out this humourous and cute Caltex Autralia Ads. The Granny is cute!

Funny Bangkok Life Assurance Sales Person

Poor Bangkok Life Ansurance Salesman. It is not easy being an Insurance Salesman. Give them a break!

Cute Thai Toothpaste Commercial

Romance in the morning............but wait!

Are You Treating Your Girlfriend This Way - Workaholics Dating

Don't spend time too long in the web or work too hard......otherwise you will end up like this guy!

Funny Thai Bridgestone MY-01 Tyres Ads

Make sure you check out any guys taking your daughter for a date properly. can go undercover like this one in funny Bridgestone tyres ads.

Crazy Funny Copier Repair Commercial

Watch how to destroy a copier machine!

Sexy Lady Interrogated By CSI Team!

Sexy lady interrogated by CSI crew.......finding evidence to detain her!

Funny Sexy Girls at Carwash - Commercial

Sexy ladies at the carwash. Make sure your wife is not with you!

Funny Sports Pictures

Sit back, relax and enjoy the video with the nice the background music!

Funny Baseball Moments-Great Music

Kids playing baseball, funny moments with great music!

Kids Playing Basketball - Showing off their skills!

See these cute kids showing off their basketball slam dunk skills.

Hot Chick at the Golf Driving Range

Woooo hoo, she looks like a model!

Real Pro Giving Tips on How to Improve Your Golf Swing!

Yay, let's watch how a Golf Pro swing. If you want reduce your handicap, watch this video! Ha Ha Ha...................

Funny Sexy Golf Students and Instructor

Watch this golf instructor coaching a sexy lady, which made the other students feel very hilariously uneasy!

Funny Exploding Golfball Joke

Exploding golfball. Wonder where I can get this type of ball. Sure hit with my golf buddies!

Knights Alive!

Knights alive! Beware!

Grandma Fooling People with Tyres From Police Car

Poor pranks victims. Got fool by Grandma pranks. Cought stealing police car tyres!

Funny Driverless Vehicle Blocking Cars

Watch this guys playing pranks on other drivers by blocking their cars. The vehicle seems to be driverless! Look at the victims reaction. Very hilarious!

Funny Army Slapstick Comedy

Watch this classic Funny army slapstick comedy!

Women Looses Handbag and Got Some Help From a Flasher

Watch how this woman uses a flasher to reach her handbag that was stuck high up on the wall. This is really a good quick thinking solution to problem.

The Ripper Pranks

This prank is a bit sickening but imagine if it were to happen to you, what are you going to do?

Funny Sign Post Pranks

Watch this funny sign post prank. Look at the victim faces!

Pa & Ma Kettle Maths - Very Funny

Pa & Ma arguing with son on maths problem. Listen to the dialog closely to catch the jokes!

Funny Guys Scaring People with Loud Noise

Watch these two guys scaring people with loud noise. The reaction from the victims are really very hilarious.

Pool Prank - Guy Pee On Swimmers

Watch this cheeky guy pee on swimmers. This prank will make you laugh non stop!

Funny Naked Football and Sissy Referee

Funny, naked football and sissy referee. This is hilarious!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Funny Moments in Football (Soccer)

Watch this damm funny moment in football (soccer)........

Cute Mama and Baby Panda

The Panda is one of the cutest animal on earth. One quiet morning, mama panda was slowly enjoying her breakfast, then.....................

Funny Evolution of Dance by Comedian Judson Liapply

Funny dance evolution video by comedian Judson Liapply. Can you name all the songs?

Happy Birthday - Candles on the Cake

Cute kids blowing birthday candles!

Funny and Amazing Magic At the Park

Watch this hilarious and amazing magic by Criss Angel........

Be Careful, Don't Peep Even If Your Are Curious

This is what the say about curiosity.......careful, don't peep!

Little Caterpillar and Daddy Caterpillar - When There is a will there is a way

Check out this funny green tea ads. Cute caterpillars!

Don't Just Sit Around, Do Something - Funny Thai Drinks Commercial

Sometimes we just waste time sitting around while waiting for something. This funny Thai Commercial shows that it is good to use our time fully! Enjoy it!

Funny Japanese Samurai Ads Video - Shizuoka Broadcasting

This funny and cute Japanese Ads video shows that we should not give up pursuing what we want in life! Never give up!

Cute Connie Talbot singing Over The Rainbow

Amzing 6 years old singing Over The Rainbow. She is very cute too! Have a nice day!

Things You Shouldn't to At the Hairdresser Saloon

Be careful of what you do when you visit your hairdresser! Don't end up like this guy!

Cute Huggies Ads - Cure for your hard days in the office!

Stress out from work. Don't worry be Happy! Live life to the fullest!

Funny Heinz Bollywood Ads

How do you pronounce Heinz?

Funny Arranged Marriage Commercial - Bollywood Style

Many people would wish they could do that. Mmmmmm, fantasy, fantasy............

Funny Thai Ads - Bad Eyes Robbers Robbing the xxxxxbank

This a funny Thai ads on eyewear. Better get your eyes examined if you can't read the signboard too! Ha Ha

Funny Thai Ads on The Benefits of Exercise

This is a funny Thai Commercial produced by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation about the benefits of exercise. Be happy and exercise if you are feeling down. It sure improve your mood and health too.

Funny Magic Show Duo

This is a funny and entertaining show. Unfortunately I don't have the name of the guys performing the show. (Posted by