Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute and Funny Korean Woman at McRonalds

I got to know about this video from my buddy Bringing Back The Good Times and after a quick search, I found the link in Youtube. This funny video shows a cute Korean lady talking with a funny slang ordering hamburger at McRonalds. The manager is going crazy trying to understand what the woman wants to order. See all the of it to know what happen at the end! Good one!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny Failures Pics and Video Collections

I don't like the word 'fail' but this funny video collection is kinda interesting. The backgound music match with the clips and there are some cute and hilarious scenes in this funny failures video collections.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Funny Irene Cara Fame, Red Indian Rain Dance Version

This song, Irene Cara's Fame used to be very popular in the 80s. I remember it was the hottest show for all teenagers during that time.
This is a funny version of Irene Cara, Fame, the Rain Dance way. The guy doing the dance is kinda funny. Looks like the elders and chief is not very happy! But at last it 'rained'. ha ha ha LOL!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Funny Interview Prank, Guy with the Super Underwear!

Ha Ha Ha, Wa ke ke ke, I can't stop laughing after watching this prank video. This guy is a real Superman, wearing a red under wear, with the big 'thing' underneath. Some of the interviewee was very sporting, some got a shock of their life and some just beat up the old guy! Beware, watch at your own risk! Laughing can be contagious! LMAO!

Funny Bathroom Prank

See how they change the sign on the bathroom to mislead some poor guys! Luckily they did not pee in their pants. I really pity those guys that want to go to the bathroom to change and realised mistakenly that they are in the wrong room.

Funny Thai Ads Peppermint Field Gel

Everyone loves cute and funny Thai Ads. This is a series of Funny Thai Peppermint Field Gel advertisement. I like the part about the secretary and the boss! Ha ha, a good one!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Funny Edison Chen Pointless MV Video

Edison Chen is in the news again. The infamous actor/singer was caught in a sex scandal with Hong Kong Starlets. Now he is pondering his future and what to do next. This is a cute and funny video with rap music on Edison.

Show Luo, Barbie Hsu, Blackie @ Wu Lin Da Dao, Reaction after Being Lifted Up

Watch the reaction of Show Luo when he was lifted up. He was scared and his facial expression is also very funny.
Barbie Hsu is also in this show. She was reported recently that she threw a fuss at the filming of the new show Summer's Bubble. She left veteran actors waiting for her on set.