Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New 2009 Year! No Underwear Party? Granny Panties and Grandpa XXL Briefs Party, Maybe!

It was rumored that a ‘no underwear’ party will be held at remote seaside resort in Johor Bahru, bordering Singapore. A local newspaper reported that those interested in attending the party has to pay RM250. Men will not be allowed to wear briefs and women are required to wear G-Strings, which are required to be taken off after midnight.
However, underwear or no underwear party, the clock is ticking and very soon the countdown will be begin and I will be watching the fireworks displays after midnight.

Ha Ha, Maybe there will be Granny Panties and Grandpa XXL Briefs Party.........see video. Don’t get caught wearing these! Maybe this type of party will be approved by the authorities! LMAO!

Wish you have an Explosive 2009 New Year Celebration!

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