Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Ain Lonely Singaporean Widow Surfing the Web for a One Night Stand, Moose Widow Instead

Well, it was reported in The Star today ( that a lonely Singaporean widow is surfing the net for a one night stand with eligible men. She even insist that the man must practice safe sex by wearing condom.
The internet is sure a useful global tool that can be fully utilised to your needs indeed! It was not known whether this 27 year old lady has found the men to accompany her during the weekends but I guess now with the news spreading like wild fires, she might have abandoned her original plans.
Well, I don't have any information about this lonely Singaporean widow but here is a funny video prank about a moose widow. Don't go searching for trouble or trying to find out who she is! Hope you enjoy a good weekend with your family!

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