Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Leader Spandex Man Mocks Oppostion Players and Prostitute Pranks

Hey, hey, better don't mock this big guy. He is the big top leader of the opposition foreign team. Beware he is a big guy and can easily punch through the barrier! ha ha ha! Scared the shit out of the two green guys when he stared at them! See the video!

This is a prank video trying to catch guys doing illegal soliciting. The foreign prostitute in disguise and actor policeman teamed to trick passer by. Luckilly this prank didn't happen in a hotel room or compromising position, or else these guys would have to answer lots of questions from their partner! See the video taken from a hidden CCTV!

This cute video shows Mr T promoting Warcrafts games. Mohawk or Mr T? LOL!

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Bananazஇ said...

Now we know why you got a call for massage and your pak chum kai thingy..