Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Captured Poltergiest (Ghost, Spirit) In Action On Film

A woman who has just moved into a council-rented home manage to film the 'poltergeist' in action opening the cubboard door and moving a pink chair across her daughter's room. I was also reported that the spirit might have killed their pets dog by shoving it down the stairs.
See this errie youtube footage of the poltegiest in action! Believe it or not or just an April Fool joke?.....Let's call Ghostbusters or Ghost Lab team!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Collection of Funny Parking Accident

No offense to woman please! But I found many woman drivers don't really drive that well, especially when it comes to parking the car. I wonder how they pass their driving test! LOL!
Here is a you tube video collection of funny car parking accident! Sit back and enjoy yourself!....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Car Accident Insurance Commercial

Man in car eating hot dogs with lots of ketchup. Sexy girl walks into car to drive off. Man observe girl from the side mirror. Sexy girl starts engine......and boom accident happens....see the guy with the hot dog in the youtube video! ha ha ha!

Funny Thai General Insurance Ads - House Protection Against Hurricane

Insurance is like a parachute, if you jump out from the plane without it, then you will not need it anymore. Many people takes buying insurance for granted.
This funny Thai Ads use a comical way of bring the message across to the people! Good work!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vonnie Lui, Nothing Underneath Comment and Skirt On Fire Prank

Vonnie Lui sure got all her fans excited when she commented that she wasn't wearing anything underneath her clothes. Well this 3D sex and zen actress seem to be very popular in the news nowadays!
I don't have her video but I do have this skirt under on fire prank video from you tube. Gotcha!

Casanova Trying to Pick up Girl - Muang Thai Life funny commercial TV AD

Enter the Muang Thai Casanova. He tried very hard to pick up the cute lady. Oh oh, here comes trouble.......the 'Singaporean Lady' must have informed his wife liao!
Luckilly he changed his request and the pretty lady helped him, or else, the office would be destroyed as well...

Green Leader Spandex Man Mocks Oppostion Players and Prostitute Pranks

Hey, hey, better don't mock this big guy. He is the big top leader of the opposition foreign team. Beware he is a big guy and can easily punch through the barrier! ha ha ha! Scared the shit out of the two green guys when he stared at them! See the video!

This is a prank video trying to catch guys doing illegal soliciting. The foreign prostitute in disguise and actor policeman teamed to trick passer by. Luckilly this prank didn't happen in a hotel room or compromising position, or else these guys would have to answer lots of questions from their partner! See the video taken from a hidden CCTV!

This cute video shows Mr T promoting Warcrafts games. Mohawk or Mr T? LOL!

Naughty Plants and Rocks....or Sexy....LOL!

The wonder of nature at work. These rock formations and plants are very interesting. Look at the naughty and unique shape. Some of them resembles human phalus. Mmmmm, wonder what mother nature is up to...ha ha ha

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funny Water Accidents Collection

This youtube video consists of a collection of funny water accidents. Make sure your swimming trunk is tight and fits well or you are going to end up like chubby guy in the video! ha ha ha

Funny and Cute Thai Siang Pure Oil to Cure Dizziness

Thais have very good sense of humour. This commercial featuring Genghis Khan liked warrior who got dizzy at the war zone. He is seeing doubles....he he he, actually more than doubles....millions maybe. Time to retreat! ha ha ha!

Is this how police work? Interogating a Sexy Suspect

Mmmm, I wonder if this is how police work? Interesting to be a police isn't it? See this youtube video about police interogation. Awwww, sorry guys, we can't hold her further! ha ha ha!

Sexy Nurse with Panty Hose Prank

I have just read in the news that a Singaporean divorcee is on a mission to expose adulterous man. So, you guys over there better watch out. Don't play play outside....better stay at home and accompany you partner! LOL!
In this prank, a sexy nurse would accidentally drop the pen, and the guys are suppose to pick it up. Well, I think most guys would take the opportunity to peep a little. What to do, guys are made to gawk at sexy ladies!

Secretary too Sexy even for a Bridge

Can't really understand the title? See this youtube video till the end and you will know why. This one one sexy secretary many bosses would want to have working in the office. Too sexy for even a 'Bridge' to handle! This is one awesome ads! ha ha ha!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Congrats to Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Funny Exploding Badminton Prank

Well congrats to Datuk Lee Chong Wei for retaining the All England title. It was an impressive win against China Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei is sure on the roll and I bet his confident level would increase tremendously. This would help him to win more future titles! Finally, our Malaysian hero, Chong Wei manage to control the badminton arena and give some good fight against Lin Dan. Way to go! Datuk Lee!

Unfortunately, our PM did not declare tomorrow as a holiday for Malaysian!
No worry, just sit back and enjoy this funny badminton prank you tubevideo! Have a good day ahead!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crazy Japan Red Riding Hood (2011) Ads, Valerie?

I wonder whether the lates movies about Amanda (Valerie) would be the same as this ads. Torn between two man? No lah, this video torn between the wolf, dear, bear, rabbit and lastly the big ball raccoon. Eh, how come no werewolf? ha ha ha, Try watching the video two times, then only you will notice......something abnormal....ha ha ha!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snake Bite Orit Fox breast and dies (Israeli model and actress with the biggest breasts in the Middle East)

Horny snake or hungry snake. Israeli model and actress, Orit Fox was bitten by a snake(phyton) during a photoshot. She is known to have the biggest breast in the Middle East.....silicone implant? It seems that the snake died from silicone poisoning after that. The model is now recovering in the hospital.
Poor little horny or hungry snake?

Guy trying to pick up Pretty Police Woman

Guy, don't play play at the traffic light junction. No more discount from the PDRM for traffic offences starting from today. Don't get yourself blacklisted.
This exactly going to happen to the guy in the car who tried to flirt with the sexy pretty policewoman in plaincloth. Ha ha ha, he is going to pay heavy price for his amorous attitude!

Young Policewoman Funny Bike Crash

Poor policewoman. I think she is going to be demoted by Sarge! Small bikes can be powerful. I wonder how she is going to catch a criminal this way.....Maybe this is policewoman "Mat Rempit" (Name for Malaysian Hell Riders. ha ha ha

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funny Korean Mirror Distortion Image

Ahyeong Haseyo!
I was looking for Funny Hyun Bin video but found this instead. These cheeky boys are imaginative and talented. A Korean Jim Carrey in the making? I don't speak Korean language, but this video is funny because of the boy action infront of a funny mirror. See for yourself!

Funny Singaporean Bollywood Star Wannabe Singing in the Train

This Indian guy is a very talented entertainer and have potential to be a Bollywood star. See him singing in one of Singapore train much to the amusement of the other passengers! He just kept on singing! I am sure all those tired guys and gals after work are entertained by this funny Singaporean Indian guy!
Way to go man! ha ha ha!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sexy Liu Yifei to Star in Updated Chinese Ghost Story Movie

An update of the old classic A Chinese Ghost Story is on the way. The late Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong starred in the old version. Sexy Krystal Liu Yifei will be heasding the cast for the updated version. Louis Koo will play the hairy Taoist priest.
Below is a misheard you tube video showing the Toaist priest doing a rap.....a funny rap actually! Enjoy the video!